If you have decided to expand your family through the adoption process, you need to decide if you want to adopt a child through a closed or open adoption process. Often times, the birth parents determine if they want to have a closed or open adoption. Other times, it is more of an open discussion between the birth parents and you, the adoptive parents, on what type of contact will be maintained by the birth parents following the adoption of their child.

Choosing an open adoption can allow your child to experience life-long benefits. The two biggest benefits that your child will experience via an open adoption is a connection to their entire personal history and additional supportive relationships in their life.

#1 History

One of the big benefits of going with an open adoption is that your child's entire story will not be a mystery to them. Many children who are adopted via a closed adoption process often wonder why their birth parents decided to put them up for adoption, regardless of how loving or wonderful their adoptive parents are. It is a urge and desire that can drive many children who are adopted via a closed adoption process to search for their birth parents as adults and answers to these pressing questions.

On the other hand, when you adopt your child through an open adoption process, your child never has to wonder why their birth parents allowed you to adopt them. Instead, they will get to hear directly from their birth parents their story and why they thought adoption was best for them. Your child will also get to know how and why you decided to adopt them. An open adoption will allow your child to know their entire birth and adoption story from every angle and from all parties involved. They will not have to worry about their origin story, it is something they will grow up knowing their entire life. This can give your child a great degree of confidence in who they are and where they come from than children adopted through a closed adoption process.

#2 Relationships

When you go through an open adoption, you allow your child to have relationships with additional adults who love and support them. An open adoption will provide your child with large support network throughout their lives.

Your child will grow up with not only an adoptive family and parents, but with a birth family and parents. They will be able to have contact and a relationship with both their birth parents and with you. Your child will also be able to potentially have relationships with other relatives via their birth parents, such as their birth grandparents, aunts and uncles. This will extend your child's network of family and supportive individuals in their lives. 

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